Mission Statement


  • A community where everyone, especially those in need of extra care and assistance, are
    treated with respect, dignity and receive the appropriate level of care and support.


     United Nursing Service

  • To be the leaders in the delivery of optimum health care and support services to Each Patient, Every Time SM
    in their place of residence.     

     UNS Home Health Agency

  • To deliver appropriate health care services to Each Patient, Every Time℠ in their place of residence.  To enable patients to manage and control symptoms associated with their illness. To assist the patient to regain independence in health care management, resume self care, and maintain optimal functioning while experiencing an acceptable quality of life.

Guiding Principles:

  • Home health is designed to meet the unique needs of patients and families.
  • Services are tailored to assist the individual and family to achieve optimal level of function.
  • Care is based on respect for the dignity and worth of each individual.
  • Services will be provided in the least restrictive setting.
  • Patient/family are active participants in the care planning process.

Team Guidelines:

  • To be recognized as trusted providers who go beyond the routine to give quality care to Each Patient, Every Time℠.
  • To take joy in our contributions to the vision while stretching to our full potential for Each Patient, Every Time℠.
  • To be forward thinkers in the development of programs and services that benefit, Each Patient, Every Time℠.
  • To uphold our core value statement to A.S.P.I.R.E. - Accountable, Service-oriented, Problem-solvers, working with Integrity, being Respectful of one another, providing Excellent care for Each Patient, Every Time℠.
2016 UNS Logo #2 updated