Dear United Nursing Staff and Aides,

We are filled with gratitude to United Nursing Staff and Aides who cared for our mom, Elaine Boyce, these past few years, as well as prior years. To remain in her own home was mom's long-time wish and with your help and support you helped to make that happen.


Life for Mom became more challenging the last eight years with her many health issues and her increase of needing more assistance in her daily living. It was such a relief to her family knowing that one of your aides or nurses was with mom who could help her with her needs and know she was in good hands. We hope that the aides had some happy times with mom and that they will remember her smile and her warm-hearted ways.

For everything you have all done for Mom, for the faithful support and becoming special friends of mom and her family, thank you!  Everyone has been a blessing and we will remember each for that.


Kathy and Ken Klok and the Family of Elaine Boyce  


I wish to bring to your attention the superb care and attention I received from my home health care professionals during my recent illness. Both my nurse and therapists set the standard for compassionate nursing care and rehabilitation.  In addition to being highly skilled professionals, they motivate, encourage and inspire.

Much of my progress was due to the patience, gentle encouragement, humor and sincere commitment of these talented and exceptional people.  They do more than care for the physical body, they touch the spirit!




Doris M.

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